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The Guitar Melodies in Minutes is a new guide out there for you guitarists. Written by Christopher Manger who is currently an In-School College Guitar Student.

He brings to the table the fact that even though learning scales & advanced chords, which is where most people move onto after learning the basics, which is fine, but there’s no compromise for pure creativity and noting that most people who learn the guitar seem to become drones; pick a song you like, find the tab, repeat repeat repeat until you get it right….

So, creativity is the key! but you can’t just turn on creativity…can you?

Reading on, it appears that Christopher many have stumbled on to a few key points on his website and is quite happy to explain them, this also includes a brilliant and entertaining analogy of the internal workings of a car, with diagram. In addition to this there is an example video of an accomplished artist showing to what you can do.

So what else is included? Two extra free Bonuses…

Bonus #1: How To Play The Guitar Like A Pro! Guide

A 65 page comprehensive guitar guide that teaches you:
• Guitar lingo
• Guitar history
• Parts of the guitar
• How to hold your guitar properly
• How to take care of your guitar
• Methods for tuning your guitar
• How to practice changing chords
• How to toughen up your fingers
• How to strum properly
• How to use a CAPO
• How to feel the beat

Bonus #2: Learn The Guitar: Beginner’s Guide To Playing The Guitar

A 25 page guitar guide that teaches you:
• What to know before buying your first guitar
• What to look for when buying a guitar online
• How to earn money with your guitar
• How to unleash the “Guitar Hero” in you
• All of the guitar basics
• Ways to tune your guitar
• Scales and playing your first song
• How to practice properly
• How to play notes and scales

I won’t go into to much more here as it is much better detailed and explained on his website but he appears to have a very good concept of music, the learning/tuition process, and more importantly to have creativity and fun with music..the whole point!

Read more at the Official website
“Guitar Melodies in Minutes”

Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

• "This amazing course takes a simple approach to teaching guitar. This guide not only useful for beginners who have just learned the basic chords, but is equally useful for intermediates who are looking to adopt an incredibly useful technique." - Mark

mikesaysMike Says: Chris has hit a very good point here, CREATIVITY and how to have FUN with music. This is paramount if anyone wants to carry on learning and progressing the guitar, without it we'd just all give up. His method appears to be simple enough for any beginner to pick it up and progress and get versatile enough for more advanced players to make use of it. Impressive.
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Company Info: was registered in Oct 2009 by Chris Scott, the creator
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There’s no compromise for pure creativity and noting that most people who learn the guitar seem to become drones; pick a song you like, find the tab, repeat repeat repeat until....

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