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Guitar Scales Mastery is...well exactly that, a course that helps you master scales. Craig Bassett is the creator of this course and has a wealth of expeience when it comes to learning as well as teaching music. Starting with the piano (as well as other instuments) and then onto guitar, you could say he has had his fair share of exposure when it comes to the importace of scales.

So onto the Product or rather "Course" as it shall now be known.....there is alot to this, and not only that because this is a course and not a single product it can and does grow as new things are added to it.

** First off, it's mentioned that this is not a course for complete beginners, you need some experience with music and the idea of scales before looking into this course, probably of the intermediate level of guitarist. **

But... as Craig says, "Anyone who would like to play by ear and create the solos they long to play would benefit from this course.

You will get full membership for 3 YEARS which is $1.87 a month and will allow you complete access to everything this course has to offer, which includes the following:

  • #1 – The Guitar Scale Mastery System - 5 parts which together will get you mastering those scales:
  • 6 steps to memorizing any scale.
  • Ear training, which is the "master key" to unlocking everything you have learnt
  • Learn to confidently read Tablature (TAB)
  • #2 – Guitar Scale Activator - These backing tracks will bring the scales to life. You can play with them, jam with them and improvise using them. You'll learn to imprint these scales so you can use them whenever you want and in whatever way you want.
  • #3 – UPDATES - As I've already mentioned, because this is an online course you will be priviledged to all the updates as the course grows and evolves.

Act now and there are 2 Bonuses which will be thrown in:

Special Bonus 1: Pentatonic Guitar Success - 246 Page E-book which will help you with the awesome pentatonic scale technique.

Special Bonus 2: ScaleDegree Mastery - 76 Page Digital Guide revealing strategies help you learn every note on the fretboard.

Additional: I

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Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

NOTE: There aren't any actual customer feedback on Craig's site but there is a section which contains an E-mail from a member correcting Craig on a slight error he made. This would lead me to believe that feedback is sent to Craig via E-mail and this hasn't been posted yet.

• “I also what to thank you for the excellent site. With a bit of application on my part and your expertise, my playing has improved beyond my expectations in a very short time. Move over Larry Carlton! " really like the software, it's helping bring some structure to this. I've never picked up a guitar before, but everyday it seems like I'm getting better and better and my chord changes are becoming easier and easier..." - Gary Cladwin

mikesays Mike Says: My experience started out some what differently, with chords. Yes they were easier to start with but I soon found my self itching to expand into soloing, which is where scales makes it that much easier. Of course it wasn't until after I had learnt scales that I then realised that the speed at which I learn't various aspects of the guitar would have been alot easier if I had only learnt scales first.

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Company Info: Guitar Scales Mastery was created in 2010 by Craig Bassett, the creator of
Product Specifications: Format: Guitar Scales Mastery is an online members course which includes Electronic Books (eBook) format for Instant Download .

Specifications: Sold via ClickBank for instant entry and downloads.

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Price: $67 for 3 Year membership
Return Policy: If you don't like Guitar Scales Mastery for ANY reason, you can return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your purchase price. You're free to return it up to 60 days from the date you purchased it. - Official GuitarScalesMastery Review – The Blueprint for Total Scale success.
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