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Andy Johnson the creator of Guitar Superstars, a long time player himself as well as teacher for 20 years has made it his personal goal to come up with a system that can help you play the quitar as you have always wanted to through a variety of teachers, lessons and workshops to get the most out of you.

Since the dawn of the internet the way in which we learn the guitar has changed dramatically, instead of buying a book, taking it home and reading it from cover to cover you can now download lessons almost instantly with video tutors of your choice right there in your home. This is what Andy’s angle is, and I have to say is it a very complelling one.

You can choose from a variety of tutors to suit you style such as:

  • Ben – The Rock Guitarist
  • Chris – Acoustic & Classical
  • Dave – King of the Blues
  • Lorrenzo – Bass Guitar
  • Paul – Top Guitar tips
  • Gene – Metal and Hard rock

So what does Guitar Superstars say it can do for you, and is it the right product to get you playing like a pro?

Well going over everything I have to admit that there is an awful lot to this product. Not only does it allow you to take this from a true beginner level to an advanced player, but also to the next step of actually making money through using the skills that you’ve learnt.

  • Make Money with your guitar playing! Learn how to sell your recordings online, teach guitar online, play performances and get paid for all of it!
  • Learn how to book shows and build a following. Get signed to a major record label and tour the world!
  • Record albums: Recruit a great drummer to record an album with. Learn where to find them and connect with other musicians just like you.

These really interest me as not alot of people know how to take their skill to the next level!

On from just the type of music you can play (with your teacher of choice), you can learn various different methods of playing, such as: Finger Tapping, The Pentatonic Scales, The 8 and 12 Bar Blues, Bar Chords and loads more to help.

You don’t get too many bonuse’s thrown in with Guitar Superstars but it makes up for it in content alone, however, a bonus you do receive is a brilliant little application for creating your own tracks and Jam along too! Including a 16 track sequencer, drum machine, keyboard and some other cool little bits.

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Feedback & Overview
Actual Customer Feedback:

"Hi Andy, Guitar Super Stars has exploded my guitar skills, and I can now play all my favorite songs... and what's more amazing is that I did this in under 6 weeks following your lessons! I was just a fairly average picker before, but now I'm shredding like Clapton on horse! NO KIDDIN'! Everybody I know is amazed at where these skills suddenly came from! They keep asking who taught me and I keep telling them: It's all at Thanks Andy, and please keep the lessons coming, as I can't wait!" - Sarah Jackon, Boston, MA

"Your system is awesome! It's working out for me well beyond my wildest dreams! In just one week, my chops have multiplied to the point that I'm just RIPPING IT UP! You are the Numero Uno Guitar dude, no doubt about that! I just got signed to do an album next month and I'm going to start headlining. You can bet that I'm going to tell everyone on the road that GuitarSuperStars rocks, as is by far the best guitar tuition system on the Internet! Man, no matter where I am going to be on tour, I'm going to get onto your site every day to become the best guitarist in the known universe! Anyone who calls themselves a guitar player but doesn't follow your system is nuts. Rock on!" - Troy Johnson, Seattle, WA

"Hi guys, I started your system last month and today I'm playing with a top Classic Rock band! I still can't believe it! These guys were my heroes and I'm now on stage with them! And it's all thanks to you, I'm able to rip it up on rhythm and leads! I firmly believe Guitar Super Stars to be the only online guitar lesson system worth following. Everything about this method is absolute perfection, from the online members section to the easy to understand video lessons. It's chock full of the techniques a guitar player needs for creating those soaring leads, playing rhythm and much more. The day I found Guitar Super Stars was the best day of my 'guitar' life! - Jay Wilmington, VT

Mike Says: Very nice, a wide variety of methods and styles to suit such a wide range of tastes, the list goes on and on. The idea that you can choose your teacher to suit is a very novel idea, I really like that. The addition of the sequencer application is nice & easy to use, just make sure that you get the right lead for your guitar to connect your computer.
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Company Info: Guitar Superstars was registered in March 08.
Product Specifications: Format: Guitar Superstars is in an Electronic Book (eBook) format for Instant Download .

Specifications: Sold via ClickBank.

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